We are going to make a movie based on a true story about the adventure that 4 astronauts will live in 2023. It will be the best crowdfunding movie of the history, it is a unique opportunity to become producer for just 1€. Join us in this wonderful voyage that will take us together to Mars.

The following trailer is promotional and it does not contain images of our movie:



An initiative will send humans to Mars in 2023. It is a wonderful madness that makes to dream to all the candidates because anyone can be chosen, as long as the candidate accepts the main condition: It will be a one-way voyage... The lifes of the astronauts will be broadcast live from Mars, it will be the first extraterrestrial Big Brother.


We are a group of dreamers full of energy and enthusiasm, with varied profiles, mainly of the world of the cinema, theater and television, with enough experience to carry out this project, in which you will be able to participate directly in many ways, such as providing ideas for the script, voting decisions ... and if you are professional as scriptwriter, technician, actor...


Here there is a great story to tell, full of adventure, thriller, drama, etc... In 2023 only 4 chosen candidates will travel to Mars but we want that hundred of people travel to Mars producing this movie. Become producer of this wonderful adventure. Join our dream and travel with us to Mars.


We will make a High Quality Movie. Making a movie has many expenses, for this reason it is necessary to adjust the expenses to the maximum. If the contributions exceed this amount, we will invest it in better FX and if it is possible we will hire a well-known actor. The money will be invested in:

  • Development Of The Script
  • Actors
  • Technical Equipment
  • Special Effects (FX)
  • Props
  • Locations
  • Director/Assistants
  • Daily Expenses (Catering, Hotels…)
  • Costumes
  • Music
  • Film Material/Post-Production
  • Unforeseen Expenses


The benefits that could be obtained from the movie will be distributed equitably among all the producers. There are also different rewards according to the contributed amount (see Rewards section)


This story has so much material that we could make a series. Some points of the script will be:

Beginning: (It will occupy 10% of the movie approximately)

  • News in the media - Humans on the red planet
  • Personal stories of the candidates and why they decide to make a one-way voyage to Mars. Some candidates will be impulsive, others will have a difficult situation in their lives, others will think that they have been born for this adventure, etc.

Selection: (It will occupy 10% of the movie approximately)

  • Casting of the candidates
  • Selection and testing of the candidates
  • Training of the astronauts

Voyage: (It will occupy 20% of the movie approximately)

  • Troubles in the voyage
  • Landing
  • Exploration of the terrain
  • Enable habitable environment

Mars: (It will occupy 60% of the movie approximately)

The real adventure begins, many things are developed in this part of the movie. You can contribute your ideas to include in the script, there is infinity of situations very interesting, for example the following ideas could be included:

  • Exploration of the planet
  • Troubles of coexistence, of food, of air...
  • Conflicts among the astronauts
  • Extreme situations, such as lack of supplies because over the years the audience decreases and it is no longer cost effective to send food from the Earth
  • There are many protests to continue sending supplies to Mars, the governments can do nothing and finally the astronauts are abandoned by the private companies. The astronauts need to rekindle the audience, so they invent a discovery, with audience the companies of the Earth will send supplies. The Earth requires evidences of the discovery and they have problems to maintain the lie but suddenly they discover something really amazing on Mars, and the things will change forever...
  • Etc...